Taming POV-Ray - Part 0: Fundamentals
by G. Moran, 10 Feb 2022

Wanna start making 3D graphics like mine? This here is a good place to start... This article will cover the fundamentals of 2D, which you need to learn before jumping into the world of 3D.

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Taming POV-Ray - Part 1: The Third Dimension
by G. Moran, 04 Jun 2022

Dive into the world of 3D art by learning the basics of the 3D system and applying them directly in POV-Ray. Also learn the most common 3D shapes with a FREE cheat sheet!

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Taming POV-Ray - Part 2: Manipulating Objects
by G. Moran, 17 Mar 2024

Play around with 3D objects by transforming and combining them in different ways to create more elaborate shapes. Then learn how to declare your shapes and reuse them as many times as you like.

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